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University of Huddersfield, Business School

Huddersfield University Business School

Appointed by Farrell and Clark Architects in preparation of hard and soft landscape proposals to the external environs and courtyard of Huddersfield University's new Business School located next to the Huddersfield Broad Canal.



Hard landscape elements included external seating areas, lighting and litter bins, footpath links between the building and existing canal bridges and towpath links. The soft landscape proposals included amenity lawn areas, ornamental tree and shrub planting, as well as native shrub and wildflower areas designed to satisfy Breeams requirements.

 An enclosed landscaped courtyard with a circular seating area also provided an attractive function space.

Client Testimonial

"The landscape scheme is the best we have on campus and is perfect for the building’s location adjacent to the canal. Lots of people took advantage of the amenity last summer which was what we were hoping would happen when we set the budget at the beginning of the project."

January 2012

Alan Johnson - Deputy Director of Estates and Facilities- University of Huddersfield