Commercial Landscapes

NFUM HQ Podium Landscape

Above Photograph Courtesy of Historic England, James O.Davies

Working in close liaison with Farrell and Clark Architects, project managers PSK, and NFUM, my role involved the soft landscape design and detailing for the reconfiguration of an existing hard paved entrance approach podium to NFUM's Tiddington Headquarters, and new visitors car park.

The design of the new podium was primarily aimed at improving accessibility and safety for pedestrians, and creating a visually softer, greener and ecologically bio-diverse landscaped approach to the building entrance, partly located over the roof of an underground plant room. 





This was achieved by introducing a diagonal ramped footpath, intersecting a central flight of steps, and weaving through a new landscape comprising grassed slopes, attractive swathes of species rich shrubs, ground covers and herbaceous planting. This was set against a backdrop of renovated stone faced retaining walls, and pebble areas, with Himalayan Birch within stainless steel planters.