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Landscaping for Booths

Working in close liaison with Booths, Farrell and Clark Architects and the project design team. My role involved the design, detailing and inspections at key stages of soft landscaping to Booths sustainably designed and sensitively located head office development.



Set against a woodland backdrop, adjoining their Main Distribution Centre, the building and associated landscape were designed to satisfy Breeams Excellent rating requirements.

The attractive and ecologically rich landscape environs included a SUDS drainage scheme comprising a holding pond with marginal aquatic planting, and shallow grassed swales. Other landscape elements included existing woodland enhancement, new indigenous and ornamental tree and shrub planting, wildflower areas, and new amenity grassed areas.

Client Testimonial

“We have appointed Margaret Twigg on a number of our recent projects based on her experience and specialist knowledge. She is able to accommodate the varied demands of both ourselves and the local Planning Authorities within her design and has become a well respected member of the Booths Design Team”.

Graham Booth
Property Director
Booths Supermarkets 

Office landscape design for Booths


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